The free home survey service is the most accurate way of obtaining information to prepare a quotation for your local or international move.

A survey is the consumer`s first step in understanding the true cost of moving. If you`ve never moved before, you might be surprised to find out how many things should be taken into consideration.

The first step in your move: your representative will arrive at your home at a pre-arranged time and date. He will note down the items you would like to ship. During the visit your representative will listen to any concerns you may have and will be happy to answer your questions.

Your representative will explain the entire moving process and will discuss any specific requirements (If you need some items to be stored, or moved to a different address, if you are moving overseas and special packing for certain items). He will explain to you the customs regulations in your destination country, and he will tell you the possible moving date.

During the survey we will also identify any access issues such as elevators, difficult street access or and the parking permits or parking suspensions.